Oscar Llorens

Why i paint

I usually use drawing and painting as a way of expressing feelings that otherwise would be very difficult for me to tell. On many times my work becomes a form of therapy to deal with situations and negative periods that we all go through, trying to transform them in nice moments. Over time I realized that the way to tell these situations helps some people to get the emotions that are hidden, which is a great relief.

How i work

It is in the drawing and the painting where I really find myself comfortable, the tranquility and the relaxation that drawing produce me is the reason why I have dedicated the greatest percentage of my life to it and I believe that calmness is reflected in all my work. Every piece I make has a concept that sustains it, I do not conceive art without a purpose.

I hope you can find here something special, i did everything with passion and special care, this is as i understand work and life.

Last Exhibition:

• 2018. Sala Pavilion. Madrid
• 2017. Palacio de las alajas. Madrid
• 2016. Atomic Garden. Madrid.
• 2014. Art Firday. Madrid.
• 2014. La Galería Roja. Sevilla .
• 2014. Panta Rhei. Madrid.
• 2014. La Galería Roja. Sevilla
• 2014. The “Positive Side Effects•. Quevec
• 2014. The “Positive Side Effects•. Paris
• 2013. Esclera de incendios. Barcelona
• 2012. Escuela Tag. Madrid
• 2012. Guru Gallery. México
• 2012. Green Card Gallery. Nueva York
• 2011. Capetown. Madrid
• 2011. Hotel Kafka. Madrid
• 2010. Utopic_Us. Madrid